St. Pauls Lutheran Church

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Watertown MN

Sunday Service Times
8:00 a.m.  
In Person Worship & Facebook Live 
10:30 a.m.  
In Person Worship

Ministry Teams

1. Worship Ministry Team: *
Plans meaningful worship settings for the congregation and visitors.

2. Music Ministry Team:
Provides musical leadership for the congregation in worship through choirs, bands, vocal leaders, and other musical resources.

3. Children's Lesson Ministry Team:
Leads short devotionals for the young children within the worship setting.

4. Communion Assistant Ministry Team: (For men)
Carries out the work needed for celebrating the Lord's Supper within the worship setting.

5. Chancel Drama Ministry Team: *
Uses drama to enhance the proclamation of God word in the worship of the congregation and within the surrounding community.

6. Acolyte Ministry Team: (For 7th and 8th grade confirmation students)
Provides assistance for the Altar and Communion Ministry teams during worship.

7. PowerPoint Ministry Team:
Operates the video equipment and screens used to lead the congregation in worship.

8. Video/Audio Ministry Team:
Records, duplicates, and distributes audio/visual recordings of the worship service.

9. Altar Ministry Team:
Cares for the visuals used around the altar area to enhance the worship setting.

10. Worship Visuals Ministry Team:
Creates banners and other visual objects for the various seasons of the church year to enhance the worship setting.

11. Usher Ministry Team:
Provides assistance to those in worship by distributing bulletins, helping with seating, collecting offerings, giving aid as able in emergencies, and providing general direction for guests.

12. Greeter Ministry Team:
Offers a warm welcome to all who come to join us in worship.

Spiritual Growth Ministries:

1. Outreach Ministry Team:
Organizes events to help members of the congregation grow in their ability to share their faith with others, and invites people of the surrounding community to join us for worship.

2. Discipleship Ministry Team:
Gives the care and support needed for new members to grow in their Christian discipleship and become active within the fellowship of the congregation.

3. Prayer Service Ministry Team: *
Organizes regular opportunities for God's people to join together in prayer for the work of congregation, it's schools, our community, and the nation in which we live.

4. Prayer Chain Ministry Team:
Provides prayer support for families in the church and community wrestling with special physical and/or spiritual concerns.

5. Lutheran Women's Mission League (Ministry Team):
Seeks Christian growth, fellowship, and service opportunities for women in the congregation, while supporting the mission efforts of our national church body.

Human Care Ministries:

1. Missionary Support Ministry Team: *
Gives encouragement and support for the chosen missionary(s) of the congregation and informs the congregation of the missionary(s) ongoing work.

2. Share and Care Ministry Team:
Gives assistance for members of the congregation in need of temporary physical care.

3. Barnabas Ministry Team:
Organizes opportunities for members of the congregation to reach out to people in physical need in our local community and beyond.

4. Funeral Luncheon Ministry Team:
Caters the service meal for families in need at a time of loss.

5. Quilting Ministry Team:
Sews quilts for underprivileged people in need of warmth.

6. Childcare Ministry Team:
Provides assistance for families with small children in need of child care help during worship and Adult Bible Class.

7. Prayer Shawl Ministry Team:
Knits prayer shawls for those in special situations of duress to help them know they are watched over by the Lord Jesus Christ and not forgotten by others.

8. Hospital Visitation Ministry Team: *
Visits people currently in the hospital in need of encouragement and support during times of physical illness.

9. Shut-In Ministry Team: *
Visits members of the congregation who are physically unable to join us for worship due to health issues, age, or handicaps.

10. Food Shelf Ministry Team: *
Organizes donation opportunities within the congregation and volunteer support for the local community food shelf.

Fellowship Ministries:

1. Fellowship Ministry Team: *
Organizes opportunities for fun and fellowship amongst the members of our congregation to strengthen our relationships as brothers and sisters in Christ.

2. Refreshment Ministry Team:
Serves refreshments to enhance fellowship within the congregation before and after worship services.


Parish Board of Ed Ministry Teams

Adult Education Ministries:

1. Adult Education Ministry Team:
Organizes the adult educational opportunities provided by the congregation on Sunday mornings.

2. Small Group Ministry Team:
Promotes and organizes the small group ministry of the congregation to help foster continued spiritual growth, deeper Christian relationships, witness, and prayer for members of the congregation and community.

Youth Education Ministries:

1. Junior High Ministry Team:
Organizes spiritual growth, fellowship, and service opportunities for the Junior High age children of the congregation and community.

2. Senior High Ministry Team:
Organizes spiritual growth, fellowship, and service opportunities for the Senior High age children of the congregation and community.

Primary Education Ministries:

1. Sunday School Ministry Team:
Organizes the Sunday School ministry of the congregation.

2. Sunday School Music Ministry Team:
Uses music in various ways to enhance the Sunday School ministry of the congregation.

3. Summer Education Ministry Team: *
Supplements the Sunday School ministry of the congregation by providing spiritual growth opportunities for the children of the congregation and community during the summer months.

4. Midweek Education Ministry Team: *
Organizes educational opportunities for children of the congregation and community to grow in their Christian faith in a midweek setting.

5. Milestones Ministry Team: (Includes Cradle Roll)
Helps foster spiritual growth in the children and families of our congregation specifically at significant events that take place during a child's life.


Parish Planning and Finance Ministry Teams

1. Future Needs Ministry Team: *
Plans the implementation for reaching future ministry goals set by the congregation.

2. Parish Finances Ministry Team:
Manages the financial aspects of the congregation.

3. Teller Ministry Team:
Manages the weekly counting, recording, and deposit of the offerings received in worship.

4. Stewardship Ministry Team:
Fosters the proper understanding and practice of Christian stewardship within the lives of the congregational members.

5. Fund Raising Ministry Team: *
Organizes fund raising events to supplement the financial offerings of the congregation.

6. St. Paul's Foundation Ministry Team: *
Manages and promotes estate planning and endowments within the congregation to support the its ministry.


Trustees Board Ministry Teams

1. Facility Maintenance Ministry Team:
Maintains the physical facilities of the congregation.

2. Snow Removal Ministry Team:
Provides snow removal for the parking lots and sidewalks around the church building facility

3. Lawn Care Ministry Team:
Provides for the upkeep and maintenance of the church lawn.

4. Church Grounds Ministry Team:
Manages the planting and upkeep of the flowers, plants, trees, and bushes surrounding the church facility.