St. Pauls Lutheran Church

Extending Christ's Love To You

Watertown MN

Sunday Service Times
8:00 a.m.  
In Person Worship & Facebook Live 
10:30 a.m.  
In Person Worship

Ministry Teams

1. Worship Ministry Team: *
Plans meaningful worship settings for the congregation and visitors.

2. Music Ministry Team:
Provides musical leadership for the congregation in worship through choirs, bands, vocal leaders, and other musical resources.

3. Children's Lesson Ministry Team:
Leads short devotionals for the young children within the worship setting.

4. Communion Assistant Ministry Team: (For men)
Carries out the work needed for celebrating the Lord's Supper within the worship setting.

5. Chancel Drama Ministry Team: *
Uses drama to enhance the proclamation of God word in the worship of the congregation and within the surrounding community.

6. Acolyte Ministry Team: (For 7th and 8th grade confirmation students)
Provides assistance for the Altar and Communion Ministry teams during worship.

7. PowerPoint Ministry Team:
Operates the video equipment and screens used to lead the congregation in worship.

8. Video/Audio Ministry Team:
Records, duplicates, and distributes audio/visual recordings of the worship service.

9. Altar Ministry Team:
Cares for the visuals used around the altar area to enhance the worship setting.

10. Worship Visuals Ministry Team:
Creates banners and other visual objects for the various seasons of the church year to enhance the worship setting.

11. Usher Ministry Team:
Provides assistance to those in worship by distributing bulletins, helping with seating, collecting offerings, giving aid as able in emergencies, and providing general direction for guests.

12. Greeter Ministry Team:
Offers a warm welcome to all who come to join us in worship.

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